What We Do

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    Business intelligence and due diligence

    “Intelligence” is central to making sense of the world and to decision-making. Argo Associates has developed a network of well-placed human sources across Asia and – through our partners outside Asia – globally. Through this network we help our clients with key intelligence for acquisitions or investments, as well as for enhanced due diligence purposes.

    Our network provides insights beyond what is available publicly – into leadership, operations, strategy, corruption, red flags, political connections and other issues - and is supplemented by extensive research and analysis of publicly available sources – corporate filings, litigation filings, regulatory communications, media articles, social media postings and so on. We also use sophisticated software to cross-reference a variety of social media platforms and track connections that would be otherwise difficult to trace.

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    Fraud, Corruption and Disputes

    Our intelligence-gathering techniques and in-depth research and analysis have also helped our clients uncover frauds within their operations or in those of a portfolio company or recent acquisition.

    Our professionals have provided numerous reports for arbitration or legal proceedings to recover the proceeds of fraud. We have also assisted clients in tracing assets globally when bringing a high-value claim against a company or individual. In high-profile disputes we have assisted a number of top law firms in gathering information, evidence and intelligence in support of their clients’ cases.

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    Political Risk

    Our political risk work has developed naturally out of our intelligence and investigative capabilities. We see political risk as an important part of the evaluation of many investments, mergers and acquisitions, as well as a key element of commercial disputes in many markets.

    We have helped our clients look at political risk in a new way, not just in terms of the broad outline of potential political developments in various countries, but with a focus on the impact on their businesses. For example, will growing frictions between two countries lead to tariffs that could impact the specific sector in which a portfolio company operates? Or, how will rising protectionism in a country alter the possibility of a fair result in an ongoing commercial dispute? Frequently, politics is local as much as national and we understand the importance of drilling beneath the widely-circulated opinions to a real understanding of what is happening.