What we believe in

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    Safe, ethical and sustainable business

    We believe that our work helps clients invest in more transparent businesses that thrive through innovation and quality rather than corruption and cronyism. We know that our findings help clients operate safer and more ethical businesses and grow them in a more sustainable and modern way.

    We recognise that the commercial world is tough and that sometimes companies must compete aggressively - and that includes resolving disputes and investigating frauds in a thorough and uncompromising way. We are hard-headed in business but also committed not to work for clients who are pursuing ends that are wrong in themselves, whether that is silencing the victims of sexual abuse and harassment, or undermining civil society groups who have legitimate points to make.

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    Flat structures, internal diversity and flexibility

    Within our organisation we believe in flat structures and in recognising that every employee has a useful viewpoint to add. We believe in internal diversity that reflects the societies in which our clients operate. We offer our employees flexibility in their working conditions because the nine-to-five stint in the office is an anachronism.

    Good consultants and investigators must have varied interests within an increasingly complex world: work / life balance is as good for the "work" side of the equation as the "life" one. We know that technology is changing business everywhere and Argo welcomes and thrives on innovation. Technology increasingly helps us offer our clients more in-depth and incisive analysis, and quicker and more sophisticated resolutions to some of their problems.